Crutchfield et al 2011

Crutchfield, O. S., Harrison, C. D., Haas, G., Garcia, D. D., Humphreys, S. M., Lewis, C. M., & Khooshabeh, P. (2011). Berkeley Foundation for Opportunities in Information Technology (BFOIT): A Decade of Broadening Participation. Transactions on Computing Education.11(3). Article 15. 1-24. LINK

The Berkeley Foundation for Opportunities in Information Technology is a decade-old endeavor to expose pre-college young women and underrepresented racial and ethnic minorities to the fields of computer science and engineering, and prepare them for rigorous, university-level study. We have served more than 150 students, and graduated more than 65 seniors who have gone on to attend some of the top institutions in the country. Some of the lessons we have learned include the importance of sustained funding to support a continuing year-round program, world-class leaders and resources, and family and alumni involvement. In this article, we share the inner workings of our program, from its foundation during the dot-com heyday through today, in hopes that our best practices can be useful to others working toward the goal of broadening participation.