Project 1: Middle School Programming: 

Looking at understanding middle school students’ experience in computer programming labs.

Collaborators (left to right): Neftali Dominguez, Arielle Schlesinger, Noelle Fa-Kaji, Sarah Esper, Me, Victor Bhattacharyya, (Niral Shah – not shown)


Project 2: College Students’ Decision to Major in CS

Looking at how students assess their fit with cultural narratives about computer science when deciding whether or not to major in CS.

Collaborators: Ken Yasuhara & Ruth Anderson


  • Lewis, C. M., Yasuhara, K., & Anderson, R. E. (2011). Deciding to Major in Computer Science: A Grounded Theory of Students’ Self-Assessment of Ability.  Proceedings of the International Computer Science Education Research Workshop. Providence, RI. 3-10.

Project 3: Analyzing students’ performance on the AP CS Exam

Analyzing anonymous data from the 2004 and 2009 AP CS A exams.

Collaborators: (left to right) Huda Khayrallah, Me, Amy Tsai, (next row) Dasun Wang & Allyson Lam, (next row) Ian Ornstein, Luke Lu



Ian Ornstein Headshotluke


  • Lam, A. J., Lewis, C. M., Lu, C., Ornstein, I. B., & Wang, D. (2012). Classifying problems to explain patterns of correlation on the 1988 Advanced Placement Computer Science exam. The Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges. Link
  • Lewis, C. M., Khayrallah, H., & Tsai, A. (2013). Mining data from the AP CS A exam: patterns, non-patterns, and replication failure. Proceedings of the International Computer Science Education Research Workshop. San Diego, CA, USA. 115-122. Link